Mobile LED Billboard


Outdoor Mobile & Modular LED Panels

AD SYSTEMS PRO LED Video panels combine quickly in the field to form a large-screen video display of any shape or size. Built using large, hand-stackable sections makes PRO LED displays ideal for speedy setup and teardown while also minimizing cabling and display weight. The result is a tough, road-ready display featuring industry-leading image quality perfect for any concert tour, corporate function, award or auto show, festival or sport event.

AD SYSTEMS versatile PRO LED modular panels can keep fans in the action, even when they are in the parking lot. These time-tested and road-ready panels make for a lightweight video solution that is ideal for sporting events, concerts, festivals and other applications



Technical Specifications
  • Case Configuration Sealed Aluminum case
  • Pixel Configuration RED GREEN BLUE
  • Testing Agency Safety Approvals UL Listed
Model NumberCabinet Size (Feet)Cabinet Size (Meters)# LEDs