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Electronic Message Center Signs – Best way to Advertise Small & Medium Businesses

Electronic Message Center Signs are the quickest & inexpensive medium for small & medium businesses to grow in this economy. Yes growth, which seems to be the last thing on your list as survival strategy is trending high these days.

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Why EMCs are good for advertising small & mid-sized Businesses?

EMCs are anyway better than traditional media as they are comparatively low-priced & highly influential. Outdoor LED signs attract attention of all who drive by your business everyday & you just have to pay once for gaining this.

This on-premise advertising solution generates 15% to 150% increase in sales (as per Small Business Administration’s study). So, if you are making $1,000 a day currently, you can pull it up to additional $1,050 a week and cover this investment cost quite easily. Other benefits of installing LED display boards to advertise small companies & stores are following:

1. Digital billboards & signs are the instant source of marketing. You can customize your message anytime with latest technology & schedule promotions as & when you require. AD SYSTEMS intuitive ME3 software is the true example in this context.

2. You don’t have to wait for printing banners or creating videos to promote a specific event or product. LED signs do the needful without any delay.

3. LED display boards (whether indoors or outdoors) have access to potential buyers who are on-the-go. And, viewing the fact that around 15% of the population relocates each year in US, EMCs are must to reach and attract new potential customers in your area.

You don’t need to cut back or trim down your advertising budget due to market conditions. Just carefully divide your budget for print, electronic media and LED display medium for better advertising of your products and services.  Display ads are affordable and more effective for small brands, especially stores & small home businesses because the cost per view is incredibly low.

And, if you are looking for Cost-effective & High Quality Electronic Message Center Signs- AD SYSTEMS is the answer

When it comes to electronic message centers, AD SYSTEMS knows the technology like no one else. You can contact the LED display ad company at 888-440-2531 for any assistance regarding price, manufacturing, installation & other details.

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Outdoor Digital Displays Best Suited for Small Businesses

The use of Outdoor Digital Displays is quite common in US and small businesses prefer them more than big brands. That’s because billboards act as easy medium of attracting customers to a shop or small café situated in a narrow & populated street.

You can find a number of Digital Displays in market but which is best suited for you depends on your location, space & store’s structure. So, don’t think of buying a big, bulky & most colorful display. Choose it as per your business & the message that you are planning to display.

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In the category of outdoor displays usually 3 types of billboards are demanded mostly by small businesses:

Outdoor Full Color

Full color LEDs are liked by big, small & medium business equally as they make the messages viewable from long distance too. Such displays can easily be seen at malls & airports. Few business owners at times resist buying full color displays due to high budget involved.

For such businesses AD SYSTEMS offers ProCOLOR series that is affordable and displays high impact text messages & graphics.

Outdoor Single Color

Single color LED Billboards are more popular among small businesses. You may have seen them informing about shops, restaurants or coffee bars. Red is the dominant in single color outdoor displays. These digital boards convey message quiet clearly. You can use it for showing address or small message to your customers.

Find affordable and high impact digital display for your business


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High Definition video displays

This is an ultimate solution for small firms looking for best outdoor LED display performance. This high-end product is in the stock of AD SYSTEMS. With a color palette of 281 Trillion colors, 3D quality & lively colors it can lure customers easily. Check out more about this highly sold product here.

Indoor & outdoor both digital displays are quite in fashion as they grab customers’ attention instantly. AD SYSTEMS, being the leading supplier of various digital displays in US advises small businesses to spend sagely on them. Define your budget & set a goal to buy a digital board that may not go unnoticed by customers.

For any other assistance, you can contact tech support team of ADS & know more about buying right kind of display according to your business needs.

You can also call on 888-440-253 for quick consultation.