Digital Gas Price Changer

ProVISION Digital Gas Price signs are available in RED, AMBER and GREEN colors with standard character heights of 12”, 18”, 24” 30”, 36″ and 48”. ProVISION Gas Price LED signs are available as complete self-contained cabinets, with or without Regular, Unleaded and Diesel product panels. Gas Price panels only without cabinet enclosures are also available for customers that want to incorporate the panels within a custom sign design.

ProVISION Digital Gas Price Changers are one of the most dynamic, effective, advertising mediums available to your business! The thousands of individuals who drive by your business on a daily basis account for the largest percentage of sales for most businesses, and the ability to reach this primary mobile market determines your success. A ProVISION LED Gas Price sign will attract the attention of your primary mobile market and bring these potential customers to your doorstep.

Digital Gas Price signs are designed to serve a growing market of independent and national chain gas and convenience store owners looking for reliable LED Gas Price sign solutions. ProVISION LED Gas Price signs feature BOLD stroke numerals for long range viewing that can easily be changed by remote control. Multiple gas price LED signs can be controlled by one controller.

AD Systems Digital Gas Price Changers provide a flexible solution for a dynamic outdoor advertising medium or a source of community information.

AD SYSTEMS Digital Gas Price signs are U.L. approved so they meet all local sign electrical and permit requirements. The #1 rated Nichia LED lights used in our gas price signs have a 10 year life expectancy with a 5 Year Factory Parts Warranty.

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Choose the character size below for the targeted viewing distance that is required.

Technical Specifications
  • Case Configuration Sealed Aluminum case
  • Pixel Configuration Varies according to size
  • Optimal Viewing Angle 140 degrees
  • Remote Control optional
  • Operating Temp -40 to 122 F / -40 to 50 C
  • Brightness 10,000 NITS
  • Testing Agency Safety Approvals UL Listed
  • Warranty 5 year Factory Parts & Labor
GPC Digital Gas Price Changer
Model NumberCharacter SizeViewing DistanceCabinet Size (Inches)Display Cost
(Single face)
Display Cost
(Double face)
GPC-12-R/A12"600' 18 1/4” x 36 13/16” x 3” $1,238$2,475
GPC-18-R/A18"900' 25 3/8” x 51 15/16” x 3”$1,440$2,880
GPC-24-R/A24"1,200' 30 1/4" x 63 9/16” x 3” $1,965$3,930
GPC-36-R/A36"1,800'43 5/16” x 108 1/4" x 5”$3,435$6,870
GPC-48-R/A48"2,400'55 1/8” x 139 3/4" x 5” $4,455$8,910
GPC-12-G12"600' 18 1/4” x 36 13/16” x 3” $1,425$2,850
GPC-18-G18"900' 25 3/8” x 51 15/16” x 3”$1,650$3,300
GPC-24-G24"1,200' 30 1/4" x 63 9/16” x 3” $2,250$4,500
GPC-36-G36"1,800'43 5/16” x 108 1/4" x 5”$3,945$7,890
GPC-48-G48"2,400'55 1/8” x 139 3/4" x 5” $5,123$10,245