Indoor ProVIDEO Hi-Definition

  • ProVIDEO 4mm, 5mm

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  • ProVIDEO 6mm, 8mm

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  • ProVIDEO 10mm, 12mm

    The leading edge ProVIDEO High Definition video displays provide the ultimate in indoor LED performance. With a color palette of 281 Trillion colors, superior video processing delivers realistic 3D quality images, crystal clear resolution and vibrant colors. With our modular LED panel concept and the ability to configure any shape and size, your viewing audience will not […]


A truly versatile LED display solution

When you want to capture people’s attention, nothing matches an LED display’s ability to provide impactful, true-color images – even in demanding environments. AD SYSTEMS ProVIDEO indoor displays wrap all the desirable LED qualities of brightness, dependability, long lifetime and low maintenance into an affordable package that meets your requirements for dynamic digital signage.

Customers now expect information-packed electronic displays. What they don’t anticipate is the sheer brightness, image crispness and impact offered by ProVIDEO VIDEO screens.

• Unrivalled images

SMD LED technology means exceptional performance for your indoor display. The techniques perfected by AD SYSTEMS provide the very best quality and uniformity of image and no trace of seams or lines.

• Renowned video quality

ProVIDEO renowned image processing technologies, including renowned ProVIDEO image processing technologies ensure superb color uniformity and flickerfree video over the whole lifetime of the display.

• Endless content options

It’s hard to predict what you may want to show your customers. This week you may want to display attention-grabbing text messages. Next week you may have a video sequence promoting a special offer. With ProVIDEO you have the right solution for all your digital signage requirements.

Incorporation of a ProVIDEO High Definition full color display into your facility will ensure that you outshine your competitors with large-scale seamless images that really draw attention. ProVIDEO advertising is the best way to stand out from the crowd, whether you are communicating corporate information, visitor information, promotional or advertising messages.

Whether you are equipping a retail outlet, museum, or corporate lobby, the ProVIDEO indoor LED display ensures that you have a straightforward digital signage solution that combines the performance you need at a price you can afford.

For a lifetime

The ProVIDEO solution gives you a long lifetime of performance as well as low power consumption and maintenance requirements. You won’t need to replace components as they wear out, unlike some other available technologies, and you won’t find yourself struggling to set up and maintain the display for different uses. With ProVIDEO, you have an LED display solution with the best possible total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the display.