20mm billboards

The ProVIDEO High Definition Outdoor Digital Billboard series is designed to deliver the ultimate outdoor advertising experience. Brilliant image quality, the highest resolutions, and the latest graphic capabilities will make your LED Billboard display the talk of the town.

The ProVIDEO 16mm and 20mm resolution LED Billboard displays remain the most popular outdoor Digital Billboard displays today. Our ProVIDEO 20mm Digital Billboards offer exceptional displays for all viewing distances and is the industry standard in resolution.

The colors are vibrant, the image is crystal-clear and every few seconds a new advertisement is displayed, keeping the viewing audience engaged. The Digital Outdoor Network is the perfect medium for the forward-thinking advertiser. Reach out to thousands of people every day, and do it with style and with class with AD SYSTEMS leading edge Digital Billboard displays.

Technical Specifications
  • Case Configuration Sealed Aluminum case
  • Pixel Configuration 2 RED 1 GREEN 1 BLUE
  • Optimal Viewing Angle 140 degrees
  • RGB 281 Trillion Colors
  • Operating Temp -40 to 122 F / -40 to 50 C
  • Brightness 10,000 NITS
  • Testing Agency Safety Approvals UL Listed
  • Warranty 5 year Factory Parts
20mm Series Sizing Specifications for Most Common Sizes (other sizes available)
Model NumberCabinet Size (Feet)Cabinet Size (Meters)# LEDs
144x144-20C10' x 10' 3.05m x 3.05m 82,944
168x336-20C11' 7" x 22' 7" 3.5m x 7m 225,792
144x448-20C10' x 30' 3.05m x 9.15m 258,048
152x536-20C10' 6" x 35' 9"3.2m x 11m 325,888
200x720-20C13' 8" x 48' 4.26m x 14.03m576,000