20mm Message Displays

The leading edge ProVIDEO High Definition video displays provide the ultimate in outdoor LED performance. With a color palette of 281 Trillion colors, superior video processing delivers realistic 3D quality images, crystal clear resolution and vibrant colors. With the modular LED panel concept and the ability to configure any shape and size, your viewing audience will not only notice your content – they’ll remember it.

The popualar high resolution ProVIDEO 20mm LED signs will display vivid images and animated graphics in high resolution detail. These exceptional electronic signs can be used for all viewing applications, including close range viewing distances, where a higher resolution is needed to avoid the pixelation effect. The 5.5″ high text is perfect for schools, churches, and offices that have 3-4 lanes of traffic and 35-45 mph traffic as well as pedestrian viewing applications.

Technical Specifications
  • Case Configuration Sealed Aluminum case
  • Pixel Configuration 2 RED 1 GREEN 1 BLUE
  • Optimal Viewing Angle 140 degrees
  • Grayscale 256 shades
  • Brightness 15,000 NITS
  • Testing Agency Safety Approvals UL Listed
  • Warranty 5 year Factory Parts
20mm Series Sizing Specifications for Most Common Sizes (other sizes available)
Model NumberCabinet Size
(Feet, Inches)
Cabinet Size (Meters)Maximum # LinesCharacters Per lineMinimum Character SizeMaximum Character Size
864-20C11" x 4' 7".279m x 1.397m1125.5"
880-20C11" x 5' 8".279m x 1.727m1165.5"
896-20C11" x 6' 8".279m x 2.032m1195.5"
8112-20C11" x 7' 9".279m x 2.362m1225.5"
8128-20C11" x 8' 10".279m x 2.692m1255.5"
1664-20C1' 5" x 4' 7".432m x 1.397m2125.5"
1680-20C1' 5" x 5' 8".432m x 1.727m2165.5"
1696-20C1' 5" x 6' 8".432m x 2.032m2195.5"
16112-20C1' 5" x 7' 9".432m x 2.362m2225.5"
16128-20C1' 5" x 8' 10".432m x 2.692m2255.5"
2464-20C2' x 4' 7".61m x 1.397m3125.5"
2480-20C2' x 5' 8".61m x 1.727m3165.5"
2496-20C2' x 6' 8"`.61m x 2.032m3195.5"
24112-20C2' x 7' 9".61m x 2.362m3225.5"
24128-20C2' x 8' 10".61m x 2.692m3255.5"
3264-20C2' 6" x 4' 7".762m x 1.397m4125.5"
3280-20C2' 6" x 5' 8".762m x 1.727m4165.5"
3296-20C2' 6" x 6' 8".762m x 2.032m4195.5"
32112-20C2' x 7' 9".61m x 2.362m4225.5"
32128-20C2' 6" x 8' 10".762m x 2.692m4255.5"
4064-20C3' x 4' 7".914m x 1.397m5125.5"
4080-20C3' x 5' 8".914m x 1.727m5165.5"
4096-20C3' x 6' 8".914m x 2.032m5195.5"
40112-20C3' x 7' 9".914m x 2.362m5225.5"
40128-20C3' x 8' 10".914m x 2.692m5255.5"
4864-20C3' 7" x 4' 7"1.092m x 1.397m6125.5"
4880-20C3' 7" x 5' 8"1.092m x 1.727m6165.5"
4896-20C3' 7" x 6' 8"1.092m x 2.032m6195.5"
48112-20C3' 7" x 7' 9"1.092m x 2.362m6225.5"
48128-20C3' 7" x 8' 10"1.092m x 2.692m6255.5"
5664-20C4' 1" x 4' 7"1.245m x 1.397m7125.5"
5680-20C4' 1" x 5' 8"1.245m x 1.727m7165.5"
5696-20C4' 1" x 6' 8"1.245m x 2.032m7195.5"
56112-20C4' 1" x 7' 9"1.245m x 2.362m7225.5"
56128-20C4' 1" x 8' 10"1.245m x 2.692m7255.5"
6464-20C4' 9" x 4' 9"1.448m x 1.397m8125.5"
6480-20C4' 9" x 5' 9"1.448m x 1.727m8165.5"
6496-20C4' 9" x 6' 10"1.448m x 2.083m8195.5"
64112-20C4' 9" x 7' 11"1.448m x 2.413m8225.5"
64128-20C4' 9" x 8' 11"1.448m x 2.718m8255.5"