34mm Message Displays

AD Systems ProVISION 34mm Monochrome series LED signs are the classic monochrome LED signs seen for over 12 years in countless venues across the U.S. ProVISION 34mm Monochrome electronic signs are available in standard RED and AMBER colors.

The ProVISION 34mm Monochrome series will display large 9.5″ text to display basic graphics and easily readable text at medium-long range viewing distances. It is ideal for reaching city and highway motorists with viewing distances up to 400′ and 35-45 mph traffic speeds.

Technical Specifications
  • Case Configuration Sealed Aluminum case
  • Pixel Configuration 4 RED or 4 AMBER
  • Optimal Viewing Angle 140 degrees
  • Grayscale 256 shades
  • Operating Temp -40 to 122 F / -40 to 50 C
  • Brightness 8,500 NITS
  • Testing Agency Safety Approvals UL Listed
  • Warranty 5 year Factory Parts & Labor
34mm Series Sizing Specifications for Most Common Sizes (other sizes available)
Model NumberCabinet Size (Feet)Cabinet Size (Meters)Maximum # LinesCharacters Per lineMinimum Character SizeMaximum Character Size
864-34M1'5" x 7'8"1129.5"9.5"
880-34M1'4" x 9'5"1169.5"9.5"
896-34M1'4" x 11'2"1199.5"9.5"
1664-34M2' 2.5" x 7'3"2129.5"21"
1680-34M2'2" x 8'10"2169.5"21"
1696-34M2'2" x 10'7"2199.5"21"
2464-34M3' x 7'2"3129.5"32"
2480-34M3' x 7'2"3169.5"32"
2496-34M3' x 10'7"3199.5"32"
3264-34M3'10" x 7'2"4129.5"43"
3280-34M3'10" x 8'10"4169.5"43"
3296-34M3'10" x 10'7"4199.5"43"