Use an outdoor LED display to advertise to passing motorists or an indoor LED display to solicit indoor pedestrian traffic. Take advantage of your location to reach an audience that is at your location and in a prime position to buy from you. The on-premise sign is the most cost effective form of advertising available today.


Your Retail Sign is to Your Business 
What Your Front Teeth are to Your Smile!

You’ve seen Retail LED Business signs everywhere. Of course – you can’t miss them! The human is naturally drawn to color and movement, and that simple fact is why retail LED signs work. A static business sign gets lost in the landscape over time, regardless of how colorful it might be. Drivers get used to the same old sign as they pass by it over and over again on their daily commute. A retail LED sign will get noticed time and time again as your content changes. Advertise daily specials, and schedule the LED sign to start and stop the campaign from the comfort of your computer. AD Systems offers a full line of outdoor LED sign products for any business or organization, regardless of size or street placement. From one color to trillions of colors, we offer a solution that will work for your location.

Increase Sales and PROFITS

Increase your sales by over 50% on daily advertized items. Increase your profits for many years to come with a one-time LED investment that generates a very fast Return on Investment. Eliminate wasted advertising dollars spent on yellow pages, direct mail, TV and radio.

According to the Small Business Association:

  • The Average Business gets up to 50% of its sales from signage
  • 85% of an Average Business’ sales come from within 5 miles of the location
  • Businesses located on highways can acquire up to 95% of its sales from Signage
  • LED Displays typically increase sales from 15% up to 150%

Create a Community Landmark

Create a community bulletin board with your LED display by posting community messages such as high school sports information and local charitable events to retain high readership of your display.


Indoor LED displays

Strategically place LED displays inside your store to promote store specials and featured items to customers already inside your store. Unlike placards and banner signs, LED displays attract attention and can be continuously updated now and for years to come. Electronic aisle directories give your store a modern high tech look and directories can be quickly updated when merchandise is moved from one aisle to another. Your aisle directories will never be outdated again.