Identify your base with pride.

Show animated logos of military branches, base installations, divisions and units.

Inform Personnel and Visitors

Inform personnel and visitors of important base information. Make instructions and information available 24 hours a day.

Recognize Achievement

Congratulate personnel for recent honors and achievements. Announce ceremonies and official proceedings.

Welcome Visitors

Welcome high ranking officials and dignitaries to your base or facility.




The government sector needs to be able to keep its residents always informed and up-to date on important information.  What better way to achieve this than with a simple to use electronic messaging center in front of your government building, park or community gateway.  Be able to remind residents of important dates, deadlines and events.  Display community events, activities, and resources.  Let one of our knowledgeable experts in the industry guide you every step of the way to create a display that is tastefully made and will serve as a landmark for years to come.

  • Display public service announcements, Amber Alerts and other critical announcements in real time. Participate in the life-saving Amber Alerts program. Assist local police by instantly announcing the lookout for child kidnapping victims to everyone in the community.
  • Supply the public with valuable information. Broadcast vital information such as natural disaster hotlines, weather and traffic reports. Display Time and Temperature!
  • Announce local events such as parades, community fundraisers, holiday celebrations, parks & recreation events and community center activities.
  • Respond to demand for public access
  • Interact with voters through real-time messages
  • Notify citizens about volunteer opportunities
  • Reinvigorate the public debate, reinvent government, and redefine citizen interaction
  • Disseminate information cost-effectively, real-time assessment of public opinion and mobilization of grassroots action


An LED Sign can enable government and community officials to deliver a new level of communication to their customers, the citizens. With real-time messaging, you reduce communication time and advertising costs while still getting your message across.

Public buildings often have many several announcements to make and few venues with which to make them. Government LED signs solve this problem by providing a free, eye catching and reliable means of disseminating information to the public.

In this age of information, it’s easy to assume that everything can be found on the Internet and that everyone has access to this all-encompassing information. However, this is not always the case. At least for more important and immediate information, government buildings use government LED signs to keep the public informed. With these signs, public facilities can announce important events, special advisories, cancellations, public holidays and more. More importantly, these announcements are free to the public.





Technical Specifications