Jumbo Dot series

Readable in Direct Sunlight!

2-6″ characters visible up to 180′

Store and schedule messages

Time and date & animated graphics

Increase the average number of services utilized by your present and future customers.

Take advantage of a captive audience at a time and place where they are the most receptive to your messsage.

Available in RED !

LED MODELCharacter SizeViewing DistanceCharacters Per lineCabinet Size (Inches)Display Cost
JD-XPSB20102"70'124.25" x 21.8" $445
JD-XPSB20142"70'164.25" x 27.8"$485
JD-XPSB2020X2"70'244.25" x 39.8"$745
JD-XPSB3010X3"105'125.6" x 30.6"$765
JD-XPSB3014X3"105'165.6" x 39.6"$915
JD-XPSB3020X3"105'245.6" x 57.6"$1,115
JD-XPSB4010X4"140' 127.1" x 40.4"$1,005
JD-XPSB4014X4"140' 167.1" x 52.4"$1,125