Window Bright series

AD System’s Window Bright LED Sign Series are programmable text message centers designed to hang in storefront windows.

AD System’s Window Bright LED Series are the perfect on-premise signage for street-level retail locations, shopping centers, banks, and convenience stores. The vivid, moving text messages and graphic animations are designed to catch the eye of impulse shoppers and bring them into the retail location. The moving text messages can be seen and read from the sidewalk or from passing traffic. What’s more, the brilliant message is bright enough to be seen even in the glare of the afternoon sun. With our LED Window Signs, your message will blaze with the intensity of the brightest diodes available today. AD System’s LED Window Signs are easy to install, user programmable and are backed by a One Year Warranty.


Easy-to-use software interface allows users to create custom text messages with pre-programmed animations and transitions

Cabinet Dimension: 6.25″ H x 49″ W

Bright, Large Character Size: 4″

Outdoor-bright diodes can be seen from the street even in the brightest glare

Exposed pixels optimized for viewing through tinted windows

On-premise indoor window mounting bypasses most outdoor signage restrictions

AD Systems- 1 Year Warranty—Factory Parts and Labor


Alpha-Window Display-Red1Alpha-Window Display-Red2